Licor Plata o Plomo

Between the bullet
and the bribe,
we always

the bullet.

Our radikal,
all or nothing culture
needed a drink.

We decided to make it
using a secret recipe
since the inescapable
blandness of modern life
means that everything good
ends up getting copied,
and copied badly.

So if you ask us what this
drink tastes of,
we’ll simply answer that
it tastes of good ‘plomo’.

the best choice
for your shots.

Belate and Iñaki Beunza

The Beunza siblings are behind
some of the most
cutting edge drinks around.

If you drink strawberry-flavoured tequila,
it’s because of them,
if you’re taken down by ‘plomo’ every night
it’s because they decided
to create PLATA O PLOMO.